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First, thank’s for visiting It brings us great joy knowing we help to make you laugh. We are a different kind of jokes site, one without the flashy banners and noisy advertisements or pop-up and pop-under ads. 

We constantly scour the web  for ideas to make our site better, accepting joke submissions every day and try to publish as much funny (or interesting) stuff as possible. We take precautions to make sure we don’t tread on anyone else’s copyrights, but with the nature of what we offer (and the fact that we accept submissions), sometimes that happens. If you own a copyright to anything printed here, notify us and we’ll promptly pull it or give credit (whichever you prefer).

Be sure to check back regularly, as we will always be adding new jokes, categories, features and more! We are truly dedicated to making one of the most comprehensive joke databases around.

We want each and every one of your visits to to be an enjoyable experience. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve our site, please feel free to contact us. If you are interested in supporting by becoming an advertiser, please contact us.

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